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Monday, July 24, 2006

Link to Interview at Natradio

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Featured on Natradio (
Thursday July 20, 2006
8:00-9:00 pm EST

Stephen Dubrofsky, BA, MA, M.Ed.,
host of Nat Radio’s "The Parent College" Internet Radio Show, is pleased to announce :
Dr. Nuno Osvaldo Santos, Ph.D.Sc., DAC, ND, CAHP.

Dr. Nuno Osvaldo Santos is the clinical director of a Natural Health Clinic and Biological Research Lab., located both in Toronto and Peterborough. He is currently practicing and teaching a variety of Complementary Alternative Medicine modalities such as Acupuncture, TCM, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, including Live Blood Analysis and Biological Terrain Testing.
He has written several essays on Advanced Individualized and Energetic Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on Cancer, Endocrinology, Respiratory Disorders, and other serious degenerative conditions, as well as Natural approaches to common ailments. He also writes a variety of articles about general health, addressed to the general public, promoting information, knowledge and relevant discussions pertaining important health issues and public concerns.
Dr. Nuno Santos holds Doctorates in Acupuncture and TCM, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences (Thesis in Contemporary Health Problems).

Please join us as we discuss:

The understanding of energetic and Natural Biological Medicine
Understanding and respecting the Laws of Nature
Maturation of our child:
a. Glandular development of our child.
b. Immunological development of our child.
Psychological development of our child.
Lifestyle and Choices that we have as Parents.
School and Vaccinations
Diet and consequences of poor diet:
Asperger's Syndrome

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Call with questions to: 416 204-9723

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Nat Radio sessions with Stephen Dubrofsky are held twice weekly, Thursday’s 8:00 pm – 9:30pm EST and Sunday's 7:00-8:00pm
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did you say Emergency?...

Have you ever seen the machine that goes, PIIING!...It happened!...I witnessed it!...Really!... So,...
A 79 year old lady fell down, on her knees, first, and hit her head. Bruised her knee, just a little, and you could see the carpet marks on the side of the head - a clear sign that she did, in fact, hit her head on the floor. The reasons of the fall were still unclear, and given the history of heart and circulatory problems, an ambulance was called. They came in, stood her up, walked her down the stairs, put her in the ambulance, and took her to the Hospital. So far, so good!...well, things get messy, now!...
Have you ever seen 4 doctors and about 15 nurses running around, looking really busy?...Yes, that is the ER at the hospital. Looks really good and busy!...really!...The problem is, once you stand there for about 2 hours, you realize that nobody knows where anything is, or who saw who or what!...This is a very stressful environment, where new patients keep coming in, and they are served on a basis of urgency, a hierarchy of reactional behaviour. OK!...I don't want to see them fixing a broken arm while there is a man bleeding from an open wound in the head, while having convultions!...BUT I WANT THEM TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT HAS PROVEN DEFFICIENT FOR THE PAST DECADE?!... Let's move on...4 hours have passed, now, and the old lady is still lying in a hospital bed, at the entrance of the ER, and no one has asked any questions, or said anything yet!...No one as checked her at all!!!!...Her neck is so stiff, sha can't move it. That did not happen during the fall. She has felt that way for the past five days, but only now she is complaining about it. What did you eat today?, I asked her. One coffee, one banana, and a mini-muffin, she said. Are you thirsty?, Yes. Does your head hurt?, No, just my neck, I can't move it. Got her a glass of water. It is 5 o'clock, now. The doctor's are still running from patient to patient, sometimes every doctor sees the same patient, because they don't know who has seen whom, other times because they are doing many thing to the same patient. The nurses are also running around, but I am not quite sure why, since they are moving little things from one place to another, many times for no good aparent reason!...Reminds me of a job I had once : "Look busy!...They will not ask you to do anything!...,Another colleague had told me. It worked for 6 years, I never did a damn thing there!... Because everyone was so busy, the only interactions possible were with the EMS Paramedics, also waiting for their intakes to be admitted in the ER. They also see the same as I do, and there is very little to say, except a few looks and a silent smile in understanding. The ER manager seems to be a lot more confused than anyone else. Shen doesn't know where the person that was lying in that bed is!...She was checked out 4 hours ago, I thought!...I was there and witnessed it!...She calls maintenance to clean the bed, and runs away. Another nurse passes by, sees the empty bed and asks, Is there anyone in this bed?...No, I say, the girl with the broken hand left with her mom about 4 hours ago. She strips the bed, covers it again with new sheets, and takes it away. Maintenance arrives, Where is the bed?, she asks the manager that returned with a green box (?)...I don't know!...She replies, and drops a paper on the floor, from a file. Nobody picks up the paper until 5 minutes later, by a Paramedic, that puts it on top of the counter. It will stay there for the rest of the day. It is 6 o'clock, now, and I see a friend doctor. Hey, how are you?...What are you doing here?, gave him the short story and the waiting period. Where is her file?, after a 5 minute search he returns with it. Let's do this!, he says. Checked her meds history, asks her if she remembers falling, and why (she has no clue!), checks her eyes and ears, as well as her heart. Because of her med history, and because she hit her head, he says she is entitled to a CT Scan, X-rays, and some blood work, but it is going to take a while!...OK!...someone saw her, finally, after 5 hours of waiting!!!...Another hour and they took her away to the CT Scan (I told her to smile and put her pretty dress on!...)...Gone for another two hours, and a nurse comes in, looking for us. Now, they moved her to another corridor, further into the ER, but we find the old lady very stressed!...What happened?, I asked. They left me upstairs, in an empty floor, alone, for more than an hour!...And there was no one to ask anything!...I was so scared that they had forgotten about me, all alone on that big floor, and I had no one to ask!..., she said. After spending the next hour or two, calming her down, another nurse comes in and takes her for the X-ray. Brings her right back, within 10 to 15 minutes, and leaves. Our old lady is really tired, but another nurse approaches and asks her, Did they do your blood work, yet?...(The right answer is No, but the old lady is confused, tired, scared, stressed, and says Yes)...Nurse goes away, and we look at each other. We have seen this, too many times today!...The nurses ask the patients what tests they have done so far!...This is the ER!!!...Patients are not very good at keeping track of what is being done to them, it was done so long ago they forgot!...Another nurse comes in, as we called her and told her the blood work had not been done. Well!...We have three nurses to do that, now!...The problem is that they try to move the old lady to a room, to do that, but as the nurse starts, another one arrives, saying that she needs that room for an ECG!...Let's move the old lady's bed, out of the room again, and try to take her blood...It took about another hour until the blood was taken and the nurse finished another report, asking the old lady all kinds of questions!...Name, DOB, address, yada, yada, yada (I thought they had all the info, already, about three times, now?!...I am confused!)... I ask the old lady if she is thirsty again, as I am interrupted by the nurse that says, Maybe she should not drink anything, because I don't know what other tests may still be done to her!... I smile, and went to get her a glass of water. That is all she had, other than the banana, the coffee, and the mini-muffin, at 8:00 AM, and it is 9:00 PM, now! The old lady has missed her meds, today, which is tricky because of her blood thinners and BP medication, and the fact she is 79 years old!...No one has asked her anything else, since the doctor first saw her, many hours ago...Other than the stupid question, you know!...what's your DOB, etc, etc...(It is in her hospital bracelet?!...)
The waiting game continues, and the short, fat and annoying bulldog nurse comes in, after all this hours, and she tells everyone that we have to wait outside. I could scream at her, but I decided to call her nasty names in my head, turn around and simply ignore the We are all tired, but the old lady is exhausted, and now she is stressed enough that she wants to go home (I tell her that I am really enjoying the efficiency of the place, and can we stay another day?!... Plus the food is delicious, didn't you try some?...) She tells me she is going to smack me, which indicates she is lucid and feeling better.
I go find my doctor friend, and he appears with some news: The CT Scan is fine, and the blood work is good, too!...They have no idea why she fainted. He can't find the X-rays, were they taken?...yes, ok, well, let me find them...The nurse that had them had walked the opposite way, an hour ago!...
At around 11:30 PM he shows up again, teels us that the X-rays were fine, showing degenerative arthritis, common to her condition and age, and maybe that is why her neck hurts. Because of her history, it is common procedure to keep her in for the night, but it is up to her. At this point the old lady almost jumps out of her bed, NO WAY!!!...I am going home!..., she says.
He advised us that, if she behaves funny, or abnormal, we should bring her back. I told him she is funny, anyway!...How can we tell!...We smiled, I went for a little walk and talk with him, looking for a wheelchair, and we both came to agree that the system is really backwards and deficient.
When we took the old lady home, we found all the windows and doors of the house closed, without air conditioner, and the house was like a dry sauna at about 43 Celsius, and very humid. Also, we found out that she has been missing her pills, and she has not been eating much. The diagnostic was simple: The stiff neck, which got much better an hour after she took her pills, is caused by a blocked artery. Once the blood thinners start working, she feels much better. With the heat, the lack of oxygen in the house, and the malnutrition, she fainted!...79 year old ladies with serious heart and circulatory conditions should be monitored all the time, especially if they can't remember anything!...Also, they should never be taken to hospitals for more than 2 hours!...Nor should we!!!...After this enlightening experience, I thought that ER's were good for broken bones, but even if I break one, I am not going there, are you kidding?...

In good health,

From my heart to yours,

Sharing the truth.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Depression and You!

Photo published with permission of author.

I recently had a client tell me that they couldn't continue with their therapies, (both physical and emotional) because they were just too depressed and after visiting their Doctor he had prescribed an SSRI Antidepressant to alleviate the depression. Needless to say I felt a great deal of Compassion for that individual because as I had come to get to know her I had become more and more aware of her struggle with herself and worse the perception she had of herself.

I of course wished her good luck with her journey to feel better, but still wished that I could have helped her see that "it was in her power" to alleviate her depression by Changing Her Focus in her life. If all you look at is the negative aspects than that's all you are going to see!

After this encounter, and a few more with clients who have come to "my chair" after a bad experience with antidepressants, and I was convinced that I had to find out "WHY SO MANY PEOPLE ARE USING ANTIDEPRESSANTS AS A WAY TO ESCAPE WHAT THEY CALL DEPRESSION."

The internet is such a great tool for finding out things...I think of it as my own personal library. And so it was there that I went to see what the current views were on Antidepressants. What I found disturbed me but also confirmed to me that we are living in a society that is less interested in "good healthy practices" and more interested in "health practices for gain".

By this I mean we are not being given as the first choice, and sometimes not even as the last choice, sources of information that promote the values of a healthy individual. That is the values of "do no harm" to yourself or to others. Instead what I am seeing as the first message is "buy me because I will solve all your problems." I mean just turn on the TV and spend 20 minutes watching the commercial messages and you'll see what I am talking about.

But how does this relate to the SSRI Antidepressants and the fact that Depression is being reported by more and more people? Not too long ago I was watching the TV and an ad for a drug that relieves Depression came on. It showed the people (mostly women) in states of Happiness, getting out and being active, with big smiles on their faces. And the message running over top of these sets of images was one of: "Buy me because I will solve all your problems!" Of course they didn't say exactly that but the combination of the images and the sales pitch delivered that message. Remember Visual Images are extremely powerful and if the media find ones that appeal to you as a consumer you will most likely pursue their product in hopes of relieving your problem.

I have seen these ads in magazines and on the internet in the ad headers and more and more I get the feeling that "either we are a nation of depressed people" or " we are being told that our everday struggles, however small or large, can be seen as symptoms of depression." Makes me wonder if they just haven't LOWERED THE BAR on the definition of depression.

At this point I would like to say that Clinical Depression is NOT what I am referring to in this blog and anyone who has a diagnosis of "clinical depression" should seek medical attention from a trusted source (ie. doctor, psychiatrist, naturopath, etc.)

In my search to understand what was happening in the world of antidepressants I came across an article posted on the "Canadian Women's Health Network",, (Spring 2006 Issue).

This article was entitled: Widspread use of SSRI antidepressants drives soaring health care costs in Canada, by Diane Sabil (from Women and Health Protection).

In this article I found out allot of answers to my questions about Why we are being innundated with bad messages about Depression.

To quote Ms. Sabil from the article:

"There are a number of reasons for the widespread use of SSRI antidepressants by women. One reason is the dramatic increase in the number of women diagnosed with depression or other mood disorders. A second, related factor is the approach to treatment for such disorders, promoted by drug companies and endorsed by many medical practitioners. But a primary cause is related to the expanding definition of depression itself."

Okay so the definition has changed and that is being held up as the primary reason for more diagnosis of depression in our society.

Ooops! I fear we are again headed down a path with no clear signs to guide us!

Ms. Sabil further says: " The increase in the number of women diagnosed with depression, sometimes when symptoms are minimal, has come on the heels of an approach to treatment known as "biological psychiatry". In this approach, rather than looking for social, cultural and economic and life stage factors that might be making a woman depressed or anxious, doctors are taught, and patients have come to believe, that the cause of symptoms is biological. This makes it seem logical that a drug is needed and appropriate."

Yes we are using pills to cure all our ills!

But I am encouraged by this writer's article. She goes on to inform us the reader:

"There are many known alternatives to drug therapy for mild depression and anxiety. A regular regime of exercise can be an effective treatment. In one three-year study, people who had been diagnosed with mild to moderate depression experienced a significant improvement after a twelve week cardiovascular exercise program. Others have found dietary change has improved their moods as well."
"Talk therapy (or psychotherapy) has also been found to be at least as effective, and sometimes more effective, than antidepressant drugs. When researchers have followed patients for a year following treatment they have found that patients who have undergone psychotherapy have fewer relapses than those treated with antidepressants alone. Other forms of counselling have also shown to be effective."

Thefull text of this article can be found at:

So the next time you are feeling a bit low about something, or overwhelmed by your life please remember that you may not be depressed, you may be just needing to find a good listener to help you work it out.

Please note that you should always contact your health care provider (Naturopath, Homeopath, Doctor) to determine if your symptoms are of a physical nature.

Yours, In Good Health
(Guest Blogger)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Speaking of Water...

Mankind need two basic things to survive:
Air and Water

However, everyday we read or hear stories

of the destruction of those two basic sources

essential to our very own survival!

Our factories pollute the water and the air, everyday!

At this point,
I believe we have polluted both
Air and Water

to alarming levels!

Yet, we keep fooling ourselves,

and creating systems

that allow us to mask

the seriousness of this problem!

When there is no more clean

Air and Water

in this planet,
we will die...
All life will die!...

This is not to be taken lightly!...

The population of the world is getting sicker and sicker. One in three females, and one in two males, in the world, have, or will have some form of cancer. If you think this data is available because the medical world is just getting better at diagnosing, I have news for you!... People are still dying of cancer, as they did 50 years ago!!!...The allopathic world has managed to diagnose it earlier than before, but they still don't have a clue about what to do about it!...They will use more chemotherapy and radiation, more experimental drugs, and all of those treatments will cause more harm than the cancer itself!...How many people do you really know that have died of cancer, and not of the side-effects of the treatment?... Fifty years ago, we were diagnosed with cancer, and had a life expectancy of 6 months to a year. Now, you have about 5 years, and still die of cancer, or of causes related to the treatments. And, most of the times, they will not tell you that, anyway! I have worked, recently, with some cancer patients, at a local hospital, and witnessed the amount of mistakes and poor diagnosis tools that led to the death of several patients. These deaths were avoidable!!!... The diagnostics are, mostly, pathetic and out-dated. And the worst part of it is that they don't want to listen!!!...Even if you have a better answer. Today, it is their way, or no way!... I know a patient that was dismissed by the regular doctor, because this patient's idea's did not agree with the doctor's ideas!...So, it was dismissed, with a registered letter!...After some further investigation about the issue, we came to learn that your GP can dismiss you, without any further justification, and there is not a lot you can do about it!!!...You can file a complaint, but your GP will continue to practice, or malpractice, without harm!!!...Did the Mafia take over the medical world and the integrity and responsibility of these "soldiers of health" (hum...or are they "Soldiers of Disease"?...)!... Let's give it some credit: There are some forms of cancer that can be treated, very successfully, with the conventional methods of modern allopathic medicine, and those services, in these instances, should be strongly recommended. I said a few...
I really don't want to get to deep into this issue, as it is deviating from the original reason of this topic. Maybe another time I will discuss it again.

Back to the WATER...

We have a very serious problem in our hands!...Our waters are polluted, and there is not a lot we can do about it!!! So, I will try to address this issue, and will make a few recommendations: First, be aware that tap water is not good to drink!!! Why?...Well, consider the amount of chemicals that are dissolved in it, from chlorine to fluoride, antibiotics, prescription drugs, hormones, heavy metals and all other pollutants that we don't even know about!... How does this happen?...Chlorine is believed to purify the water - it destroys your immune system. All the other chemicals are there because they leach into the system, and the filters will not take them out, completely!!! ...Tap water is ok to use for showers, but fast!...Sorry! Second, water filters are a business, not a reality!...They will remove the chlorine taste, and the bacteria, but will not make it any safer to drink. It removes the bad taste, not the bad stuff. Save your money there!...Enough said. When you hear stories about safe water, the talks always focus on bacteria, virus, fungus, yada, yada, yada!...They never talk about all the other things in the water that they can't remove!... Be aware of this fact, please!...At the same time, please be mindful of everything you dump in the water, at home, as it will be recycled, at some point, and it will come back to you!...
Our bodies are made of about 55% to 60% of water. Do I need to say more?...

Reverse-Osmosis: What a disaster that is, as drinking water!!!...Why?... Think that RO Water is dead water. Everything that gives life to water is not there. No minerals, no electrolytes, nothing!!!...RO water is good for engines, as it does not have calcium to allow deposits, and for the coffee maker - it leaves no residues, at all!...Also, it is great to use in the humidifiers!...You know what I am talking about!...All that work cleaning the calcium from it, what a nightmare!...Well, if you use RO water in it, it stays clean, forever!... So, use RO for all those things, even for your shower, somehow, it will be safer that the tap water, but, please, DON'T DRINK IT!!!...If you do, you will need to take Colloidal Minerals for as long as you do so!...Who wan]t to drink dead water, anyway?...I use RO water to clean all my instruments and equipment, and in the humidifier, and what a blessing that was!...
So, what water can we, and should we drink?...

Natural Spring Water - This is it. This is all you need to cook with and drink. You need to find a good source of this water. There are several companies that distribute it, and, generally, they are good about it. I use one of those companies. They deliver once a month, in big jugs, and I use a manual pump for it. I drink it, cook with it, wash my fruits and vegetables with it, and make tea. It is very easy, and inexpensive - about $7.00 for a 18.5 Litre jug!...I use about 10-12 jugs a month.
When I go to restaurants, and I want water, I ask for bottled, natural spring water, at room temperature.

There is no reason for us to drink bad water, really!

But, we are still in trouble!...Why?...Well, the problem is not solved, yet. Natural Spring Water is a better choice, because it contains colloidal minerals and electrolytes, and it has a lot less contaminants than all other sources of water, but it is still delivered in plastic jugs, which contain formaldehyde, right?...
In Europe, Natural Spring Water is still available in glass bottles, but here, because of costs, weight, etc, we get water in plastic bottles. So, this is not perfect, and that is why we are getting sicker and sicker!...Nothing is perfect and good anymore!...We are still trying to make the best out of the little good we have left.

How much water should we drink?...

This is another delicate issue, and so many people have so many things to say about it. This is the way it works: Very few people drink the amount of water they should drink, and many diseases and conditions would not exist if people would drink their water. However, dehydration is a reality, and we can't seem to be able to make people understand that!... I have cancer patients that could avoid more than half of their problems by drinking water!...And they don't do it!!!... So, here is how it goes:

If you work with Pounds:

YOUR WEIGHT(Lbs.), divided by TWO, in OUNCES/per day
(Eg: 160 Lbs:2=80 Oz./per day)
32Oz.=1 Litre

If you work with Kilograms:

YOUR WEIGHT (Kgs.) X 2.205, divided by TWO, multiply by 0.02957=Litres/day
(Eg: 85 Kgsx2.205=187.4:2=93.7x0.02957=2.77 Litres/day)

Now, you can determine how much water you should drink, each day!...Does it sound a lot?...I know, we don't drink enough water!!!

Keep in mind the following considerations:

Herbal tea counts as water, so does natural juices, and soup.
Coffee, alcohol, and pop, does not count!...On the contrary, these beverages dehydrate you even more!

If only I could make you understand how important drinking water is to your health...You would drink it!!!


Don't self-prescribe any supplements, just because you read about it, or someone else told you about its benefits!...Everyone has a particular system, and what is good for one, may not be good for another!...Always seek the advice of a qualified physician that understands energetic physiology and natural medicine, and performs basic biological tests before he or she decides what the best supplements will be for you!...Take care of your health!

Be well, and stay well, in good health,

From my heart to yours,

Sharing the Truth.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Emotional Health, The choice is yours, too!...

The Wheel of Time

This site is dedicated to discussing the events of our Past, our Present, and our Future, that affect us as members of Our Personal Community and ultimately as members of the Global Community. It will explore the external and internal lessons of Self that guide us on the Path to Self-Awareness, Self-Understanding and Self-Acceptance, all of which we can offer to the benefit of others.

Please do not miss the oportunity to visit this amazing site, created by Mandala, a very special Holistic Counsellor, full of questions and wisdom, ready to challenge the essential core of our existence!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Saga Continues!...
Please, please click on this link, enjoy the video, and then, maybe you want to take some action!...
This information goes right along with what I talk about regarding food source!
I have also created some Links of interest, in the Side Bar, on the right side column of this blog, that directs you to the following information:
Online Medical Dictionary - A very complete database with a user friendly search engine, which allows you to find out almost anything related to disease, systems, organ function, etc.
Online Drugs Information - This is the most complete public access drug information I have found, ever!...MedlinePlus allows you to type the name of every medication available and prescribed in the market, both in Canada and USA, and gives you detailed information on everything you wanted, and didn't want to know about it, from general information of uses to side-effects. You can't say you didn't know what you were taking, after searching on this site!
Just type the name of the drug in the little search engine they provide, and click on Search MedlinePlus. It will take you to the drug related page where you will find an overwhelming amount of information. If you scroll down the page to the Drugs and Supplements Tab, you can then click on the relevant name of the drug you are looking for, and get all the information, including all the possible side-effects! Good hunt!...
eHealth Forum - This is a website created for people to post their health concerns and receive feedback from everyone else. Call it a desperation line!... You will be amazed with what people ask, and what other people say and respond to!...Remember when I mentioned about chickens without heads?...This is mostly people that believe in the Mainstream allopathic system. An no, you can't help them!...They will not listen...I've tried, really!...Anyway, it is really well worth visiting and think to yourself "I am glad I am not there!"...or are you?...
The Meatrix - I could not resist and create a link to this site! Mostly because , under Action, it allows you to type your postal code/zip code, and tells you where you can find a good source of organic meats, so you don't have to buy it from the supermarket again!...Remember, you are what you eat, and you don't want to eat junk, right?...
Don't worry, I will keep you busy!...
From my heart to yours,
Sharing the Truth

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Problems with posting comments!!!...

It came to our attention that, due to a technical mistake, we did not allow your comments to be posted in our blog!

That error has been corrected, and you are now able to post a comment on our blog.

We apologise for our mistake, and thank you for your understanding!